This highly-interactive panel discussion is a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers alongside leading retail experts, including our speakers:

Deliver a Secure Customer Experience and Strengthen Digital Trust

Optimised digital properties are more make or break to a retailer’s financial performance than ever. Some retailers are fortunate because online demand for their goods and services has surged during the pandemic and will remain at elevated levels. Others have to deal with big fluctuations of site traffic and engagement depending on evolving covid restrictions. Many need to develop increasingly integrated omni-channel experiences. There’s a wide range of circumstances, but all retailers share the common challenges of far greater complexity and expanded cyber risk.

This virtual briefing will help retailers understand how to streamline digital engagements and safeguard their online business.

The industry panel will cover a wide range of topics, including:

• How are retailers adapting to evolving consumer behaviours and digital expectations?

• What do they see as the critical components of a superior customer experience?

• How are they mitigating the evolving cyber risks they face?

• How do leading retailers decide how to allocate their finite resources to have the biggest impact to their business?

Following the industry panel, Dominic Lovell will share technical advice and best practices for:

• Streamlining customer acquisition and engagement

• Protecting websites, apps and infrastructure from damaging cyber attacks

• Stopping malicious bots and fraud

• Increasing digital trust by protecting confidential data and IT systems

Agenda · Friday, 26th March 2021


Event Moderator Introduction and Welcome


Panellist Discussion


AKAMAI Discussion on Solutions and Introductions


Audience Q&A



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