Amplifying Diverse voices throughout the sports industry

Our international keynote, Jarvis Sam, Fmr Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer took the time to answer a couple of questions we had on amplifying diverse voices throughout the sports industry.

“We recognized that it was not enough to simply increase representation. We also needed to address the underlying culture and systems that perpetuate inequality in the sports industry,” – Jarvis Sam.

Read the fill interview here.


Mathew Nelson, Chief Sustainability Officer, EY Oceania, at the Sustainability Leaders Summit 2022.


The Rise of The Chief Sustainability Officer: How CSOs Are Fast Joining the Ranks of CFOs and COOs to Drive Business Value and Sustainable Impact

Mathew Nelson, EY Oceania Chief Sustainability Officer, has over 20 years’ experience in providing advisory and assurance services related to ESG and climate change and has previously held roles as Oceania, APAC and Global Leader for EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services business.  Mat will be speaking on ‘The rise of the Chief Sustainability Officer: How CSOs are fast joining the ranks of CFOs and COOs to drive business value and sustainable impact’. He will be talking to why CSOs are central to the everyday conversations held and decisions made at the executive leadership level, and why both credibility and capability is important to this role.