This highly-interactive panel discussion is a unique opportunity to connect with your peers alongside leading industry experts, including our speakers:

Embracing Digital Change

Change management is a key success enabler during periods of disruption. By embracing change readiness, and a change management strategy, businesses can help ensure new processes are implemented smoothly driving innovation and growth. If organisations can overcome constraints of change, they will accomplish substantial benefits in cost reduction, customer experience, as well as gain a competitive edge against slower movers.

This roundtable will uncover the nature of change to navigate the complex challenges, addressing the natural resistance toward change, effective change management skills, and facilitating people through change.

Going beyond the buzzword and making real sense of transformation process through real business case studies, tackling challenges head on, and exploring the new digital landscape, senior industry leaders will share their experiences around putting change into practice by discussing:

• Digital leadership in the new era and how company culture impacts transformation

• Deep customer insights and understanding from customer perspective across all key journeys

• Syncing your IT and business strategy to create agility, achieve resilience and rapid innovation

Agenda · Thursday 16th September 2021


Event Moderator Welcome and Opening Remarks

• Angela Goodsir, Founder and Director, Thinkly


Interview with:

• Shanthi Iyer, Group VP, CIO, DocuSign

• Karl Wright, CIO, CISO, Datacom


Live Discussion with Audience


Live Q&A with Audience


Event Concludes


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