This highly-interactive panel discussion is a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers alongside leading retail experts, including our speakers:

Nathan Alexander

Chief Information Officer,
RM Williams

Nathan Alexander is an experienced and passionate technology professional with over 20 years in the technology sector working across industries from Banking, FMCG to Retail.

Nathan has worked for companies such as AMP, SUNCORP, DAVID JONES, SEAFOLLY and is now working with RM WILLIAMS.

Nathan has established & driven key programs across these companies, including major enterprise system, ecommerce & digital platform transformations.

Nathan has built high performing & innovative teams both internally and with external partners to ensure delivery quality and agility is achieved.

Nathan has delivered quality solutions to complex business problems improving companies and how they engage and deliver great customer services and experiences along the way.

Nathan is excited about Technology and how this will underpin the now and the future we live in.


Bill Munro

Chief Product Officer,
Munro Footwear Group

Bill joined the then small family business as the GM of Wholesale some 17 years ago as one of the 5 employees.

Since then, the brands under the MFG umbrella have grown considerably as has the team. With the wholesale business thriving and the seasonal ranges growing, Bill took on the role as Chief Product Officer leading the wholesale and product development team.

Bill has formed extensive relationships within the industry giving him the most up to date and comprehensive market intelligence.

With his proven ability to understand what makes a best seller and find gaps in the market, Bill and the team welcomed Ziera in 2019 and have since taken the brand from strength to strength, now creating one of the most successful brands in the Munro profile.


Matt Jones

Vice President of Demand Management,

Vice President, Global Retail Solution Consulting & Product Strategy at Infor.

Having worked in the retail sector for 20+ years, Matt is a highly regarded industry expert on identifying market needs, conceptualising solutions, and serving as an executive sponsor for retail customers.

Due to the nature of his work, Matt is innately focused on future industry trends such as digitising the consumer shopping experience post-COVID and what the future of the retail industry looks like as department stores close, malls struggle to reopen and the ecommerce system booms.

Prior to working at Infor, Matt spent nine years working for Oracle’s retail global business unit, deploying Oracle’s legacy time-series based version of Demand Management.


Peter Knock

Non-executive Director & Specialist Retail Advisor,

Peter is a highly awarded and applauded CEO and senior retailer, specialising in digital innovation, e-commerce and business transformation within disrupted markets. Peter has created and developed Online start-up’s, and worked with some of Australia’s largest public companies, privately-owned companies, NFPs, Co-operatives and Mutuals, including Myer, Dymocks, Thrifty the Co-op and St Vincent de Paul.

Peter has been recognised as one of Australia’s top 50 people in E-Commerce, an ORIA winner, and Retailer of the year within the National Retail Association Multi Channel, whilst also a NORA Advisory Council Member and Mentor, Chairing Online Retailer.

This breadth of experience working on Advisory Boards, NGO’s and Start Up’s provides a virtually unparalleled view and understanding of the entire retail ecosystem and Circular Economy.

Peter has been the Deputy Chairman of the Retail Council representing Australia’s largest retailers, Director of the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) and a founding director of the Business Council of Co-operatives & Mutuals (BCCM). Peter has also helped build and create Australia’s first Co-operatively owned Craft Brewery.




Transform your business with Infor Retail.

Infor helps retailers unify the brand experience across every channel, bring precision and efficiency to the supply chain, whilst delivering AI and machine learning through optimised inventory management to keep retailers ahead of their competition.

Infor Retail’s industry-specific functionality is purpose-built for the retail and fashion industry - an integrated technology suite designed for retailers, by retailers - and is already providing the tools for more than 2,500 grocery, fashion, and specialty retailers to future-proof their enterprises around the globe.

New Product Pathways: Remobilising the Retail Sector

Flexibility had been gathering momentum as a critical factor in supply chain design well before the advent of COVID-19. Unfortunately, it has taken a global pandemic for this argument to mature.

Retailers around the world are confronting their supply chain dependencies now that the vulnerability of existing models has been unceremoniously exposed.

It is now clear that individual component costs pale in comparison to end-to-end value optimisation.

Our conversation will delve into this shift in perspective, as we advance the argument for resilience, efficiency and flexibility to become the new foundations of supply chain design.

Agenda · Thursday, 4th March 2021


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