Join this exclusive lunch to discuss how Victorian finance leaders can implement controls to better detect, manage and prevent fraudulent activity.

Date: Thursday 11th August, 2022
Venue: Society Restaurant, Collins St, Melbourne
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

By invitation-only, join a small gathering of executive peers and leaders from the industry, including:

Fending off Occupational Fraud: How Victorian Finance Leaders can Implement Controls to Better Detect, Manage and Prevent Fraudulent Activity.

Finance leaders in Victoria are invited to join this exclusive roundtable lunch event. Attendance is by invitation only and is complimentary.

Occupational fraud is on the rise and finance leaders are playing a critical role in mitigating the risks in the changing business environment. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimate that organisations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year, and 51% of organisations uncovered more fraud since the onset of the pandemic.

Since occupational fraud can be complex, often using multiple means to pull off the schemes, it can make detecting fraud difficult for businesses. Organisations are needing to get more creative in how they gain control over spending and ensure compliance to better find the “red flags” of fraud.

Join in an interactive discussion with SAP Concur and Roger Darvall-Stevens, National Head of Fraud & Forensic Services, RSM Australia to explore:

• The Latest Trends in Occupational Fraud

• Human Behaviour and How to Identify Red Flags

• Why Finance is a Key Target

• Case Studies of Fraud Investigations

• How to Safeguard your Organisation Against Occupational Fraud

Registration is limited, so please do advise if you are interested in attending an we can secure your seat.

Thursday 11th August 2022: From 12:00pm to 2:30pm


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